In quarantine but feeling great 🤭

I can go places to eat. Not spending much money otherwise thank gos it’s pretty bad. All stores are closed only take out and delivery food. My washing machine went out and we cannot buy a new one. I admit I’m waiting on a stimulus check. I have Been spending so much money with the kids eating 8500 times a day. But we’re together. Thank god. Truck drivers doctors nurses and supermarket workers turned out to be the only people needed in the old world. Now we’re shunned upon for not wearing masks in public. This is the online interface we have with each other online. And at home. I miss my old life and the new one is fun too. I never knew how much sleep I’d been missing until now. There’s no way I’m agreeing to be a adult again.

4 skin care rules for your BEST SKIN EVER!

I have stopped wearing makeup and have started perfecting my skin care routine.

  1. Clean your skin with water. Massage your skin for blood circulation to remove tired spots and promote new skin.
  2. Use a skin moisturizer such as vaseline cocoa nut oil or Abilene for moisturizing.
  3. Nightly before showering use a treatment. Rub it into your skin at least 1 time each week. Let it set for 5 minutes then rinse.
  4. Stop wearing makeup and appreciate your own ski . Learn to love it. It will tell you what you need to do for great skin.

Also don’t forget your beauty sleep. Deep sleeping will rejuvenate you for the next day. Get your full rest. 🤩🥰😴

Nice people finish 1st.

Are you a nice person ? Would you like to be one? Here’s why nice people finish first.

1. They are always kind.
They kinda put other people’s needs ahead of them selves so they are always thinking of other peoples feelings and how they can make their days brighter and happier.

2. Nice people are happy people.
They don’t start trouble they don’t hate they let be. When you are nice you’re happy with life and the people surrounding you in your journey you’re basically surround yourself with greatness so you’re happy with the company you keep.

3. They give.
Nice people don’t bite their tongue they are truth tellers they admit they’re cute and their innocence they never let a moment pass unless they want to they are self-seeking and give freely.

4. They are originals.
Absolutely no copies here masterpieces only fine art museum gallery nice people Are 1 of a kind. They never try to be something or somebody else although flattering is Harley look down upon nice people are themselves at all times no matter how hard it may be to be you nice people Are always them.
go ahead and be nice.




Peace is on the other side of everything you’ve ever believed in. It’s a journey of the soul from fear to courage. This vacation was so needed I relaxed danced partied shopped and loved ever minute of my baecation. Jealousy will still your courage confidence and everything.  Be at peace with the greatness of you. Be satisfied and have faith in you and your own heroines journey. To make it here is unprecedented. This is a great place and we’re still rolling. This is the best book ever my book a book of truth and love. 

I am so perfect exactly how I am. When something arise that I don’t like. It’s my life I change it or accept it. I accept me. I change me.  

What is peace?

Life is great when your on top not because of money but because of true happiness. The kind of happiness that comes from within true self love that makes everything about you sparkle. 

My life changed when a friend told me to look in the mirror. All of your answers are in the mirror. Look in the mirror and get to know the person looking at you. Then speak to that person whatever it is you need want or desire give it to that person in the mirror. I desperately needed confidence so I let her know that she was worth it beautiful inside and out kind loving and genuine. Then on other days I’d just give her a hug or tell her I love her. I became my own beat friend and it changed my world. I started going places I’d never been I’m just learning how much I love the museum. Self love is the best love. It’s the gateway to peace. Conquer yourself and you’ll conquer the world. If you can learn to love your self then you can accept and give love. 

Birthday 🎂

It’s birthday I’m gonna party all day 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


It’s my birthday and I’m self reflecting on my life so far. I think it’s good to self reflect to sit quietly and think about you and where you are. How far you have come and where you are going. After all life is survival of the extreme fittest. 

True enough were all given different abilities , strengths and weaknesses.  But how you think, your mindset can take you places that you’ve never dreamed of. I turned 36 today and I’m quite happy. I know that god has destined all of my steps and this is the only reason I am here. Survival of the fittest is real because in many situations I could have been less lucky but thanks to God that he has ordered my steps. God is real and always in control. I don’t worry about what I will eat or about money. It’s a very funny thing because I’ve had lots of money but today I have very little but more than enough. That’s what I love about God. He will multiply, your thinking, wishes, wants, lack, confidence, love, kindness, compassion, peace, faith, hopes and dreams. So you should guard your mind and think GREAT thoughts be they will be multiplied. I am so happy to be the daughter of a king. Thank you God for blessing me to another year, I survived!

Ootd pink 🐆

Had a great day visiting the Memphis Agricenter farmers market then lunch at moon dance restaurant in Germantown. The menu and food was great I tried the crab soup and creme brûlée for dessert. I also uploaded a new video on YouTube “be you” ❤️

Lunch at Bubble Tea Cafe in Memphis

I crave Asian food. Today I was lusting for sushi. I remembered a old restaurant that I use to go to, they were the first to sell Asian bubble tea smoothies. Not to mention I have been binge watching Youtube videos of Hong Kong street foods all weekend. 1 vendor stood out he made a real shrimp fried rice. White rice, shrimp, green onion, eggs. None of those cheap veggies. So I visited this resturant and Im glad I did.

Black Castor Oil

Black castor oil is thick and oily. I like to massage my scalp daily, and after I ran out of my usual cocoa nut oil I decide to give it a try. I didn’t really like it at first because the oil was too thick but I soon realized that black castor oil is a good oil for natural thick hair.

The black castor oil coats the thick unmanageable hair and makes it silky to the touch. My hair is always blowdried straight then I use oil to saturate each strand and tame my wild natural hair. I found that because of the oil thickness I didn’t have to use as much of it. In fact a little went a very long way.

I bought this black castor oil from Walmart, and I have used the entire bottle on my thick hair and eyebrows. I would get my eyebrows threaded, and they were so thin Now they have fully grown back in.

I use natural oils to saturate my scalp then rub in the oil all over my body, hair skin and nails. The black castor oil is a thick oil so I found it hard to massage into my skin. Its perfect for my scalp massages. I might even do some hot oil treatments with it in the future.

Overall I prefer cocoa nut oil for my skin, and black castor oil and cocoa nut oil for taming my naturally thick hair.

Cocoa Nut Oil

Coconut oil

Cocoa nut oil is amazing! I have natural hair and dry skin. My hair gets quite tangly and hard to comb. My skin is very dry with eczema. I hard scratched sores into my skin, but it seems I have found the remedy.

Theres a 2 part step I do to manage my natural thick hair and dry eczema skin.

Step 1: Wash, condition and blow dry natural thick hair. Start with clean skin and hair.

Step 2: Keep blow dried hair /skin saturated with Cocoa nut oil.

Saturate the hair so much that you have oil left over to rub into your skin. Face neck arms and legs. Rub the cocoa nut oil all over to melt into your skin.

It should take 10-20 minutes to rub the cocoa nut oil fully into the skin.

If you have thick natural hair on your head. The same hair is all over your body. Use the natural cocoa nut oil to seep into your skin and provide you all over moisture.

How did I find coconut oil remedy?

To solve my dryness hair, skin, and nail problems.

My scalp would become very dry. Itching and I would stratch my scalp so hard I was afraid of bleeding and having head sores.

I have dry skin all over my body with eczema. I would use over the counter hydrocortisone creams to heal my itchy areas.

Then I had to idea to pour oil into my scalp. Cocoa nut oil was the only oil I loved to smell. It immediately made my head feel good. I poured on so much oil that I had a lot left over, so I started to rub it into my skin. I began to notice that areas of skin on my body that felt dry felt instantly better.

I rubbed cocoa nut oil everywhere, since I have also had eczema it relieved my skin to make it heal. Rather than use hycortisone cream which always made my skin wet and itchier.

A Phenomenal Woman.

Phenomenal Woman

Ive been missing in action for a few months, I got burned out on working so much and pretty much moved my store into my garage. The kids are out of school so Ive been doing nothing but sleeping, ALL DAY. Ive been thinking about my life and my goals. And I realized I didn’t have any life goals. So I set out to figure out what I wanted to be. And I realized it.

A Phenomenal Woman. Yes my goal is to be a great phenomenal woman.

The kind of woman that can speak in a whisper.

She dresses modestly and is still beautiful.

She works and earn her own money, Yet is still led by her man.

She loves her family, she cooks and cleans for them without complaint.

A woman with confidence and courage.

A woman who can be in her on skin, without worry.

A woman who knows past pain, but always clings to the future.

A phenomenal woman.

Beauty is only skin deep. Most phenomenal women are beautiful not because of their outside but because of the inside. My goal is to be a phenomenal woman.


So i’m a curvy girl. And exercising has always been something that I have to keep at. Ive recently started weight-lifting and Im seeing some wonderful results. Its so important to be physical fit. Or just starting fitness, or Zumba or something… You get the point.

Its important for women to focus on their health and fitness. Nothing is more sexier than a women exercising. Embracing her curves naturally without plastic surgery. Sure surgery has become a big thing Im seeing tons of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries on youtube. But you can achieve the same and better results on your own. Just start exercising. Start today!

Abs Butt Legs Back

Love Yourself.

This is the greatest gift.

This is something I did not know how to do. I didn’t understand what it meant. Love Yourself? how was this even possible. I mean I know how to give love to other people. I just love them. you know> but love myself? what the heck? this had no meaning to me.

Sure I thought I was a good person, and yes I did love myself I didn’t want to die or fall off a cliff. I didn’t want any harm to come my way. But loving myself? I didn’t understand what it meant or where to start. So I started researching…

I mean I really started looking and researching – self love, loving yourself.

And it hit me ” I did not love me.”

I didn’t even like me.

I had years of self hate, self criticizing, unresolved issues, and relationships with men that left me dazed confused and played. I had no idea that I had allowed myself to not like me and not love me.

When did this start? because I can remember being a feisty little girl with lots of charm and pizzaz. When did I stop or rather start not liking/loving me?

I guess I would say around high school I started to believe I wasn’t good enough, sure I wasn’t as pretty as the other girls, they were into dancing and cheerleading, they were more developed, and had pretty skin, wore makeup and had pretty hair.

I was not like them I barely would brush my teeth to go to school, and my clothes weren’t fashionable I just wanted to get out of high school I put no effort into it.

Then college, I did start to spruce myself up I would dress up everyday, and start attracting a lot of attention from LOTs of guys, they wanted to date me, and I said yes. I would date anyone, there weren’t any qualifications, as long as you were cute and had money. This was the beginning of me not knowing me.

I accepted anything, I was a virgin until I was 20 then my boyfriend decided he was tired of waiting so he put something in my drink to make me calm, it was a date rape drug. I knew I felt out of it. but he was my boyfriend, and who would I tell?

We had a nasty breakup. I followed him and his next girlfriend on the highway going 150 mph per hour to his brothers house, where a sheriff was waiting to take me to jail. Embarrassed and deseperate, I had no idea of self worth. And just moved on to another one. He would be my greatest teacher, my ex husband.

he was my high school boy friend and played basketball. and when his career was over he was mean. Nasty mean, he would put me down like no before. He tore me into shreds. I had two children by him. They are my gifts from God. Then he would be physical – I’m tense thinking about it. This was my lowest point. And one day he left, while laughing at me and putting me down.

Now I was own my own with 2 children. Pitiful and broke.

I put all my happiness in the hands of other people. I thought a man could love me. I thought my parents could love me. I never knew all I had to do was love myself.

And so time would go on, my children would start to grow, and I became lonely. I asked God for a friend. He sent me my G. A beautiful soul who I fought like a beast of a field. I didn’t know how to love a man, and I didn’t know how to love me. I was bad to this man, and he told me to pray.

I started to pray to God, I had no idea what to say. I just talked to him, and he gave me blessings.

Then I started to read my bible, God had promises for me. I was fearless and wonderfully created. All I had to was trust in God. As my spirituality increased on the inside I started to fix myself up on the outside. I was feeling good! God is in control.

I started reading and learning about how to love, how to give love, how to receive love. How to be a woman, how to love yourself. I realized its a marathon, everyday is a new day to keep going. to see the good.

To love yourself requires 1 thing, and 2 steps.

Stop criticizing you.

Start loving you.

if you understand the “stop criticizing you” You’ll understand the start loving you.

When you stop saying everything your NOT.

You’ll see everything you ARE.

Were all created in love in beauty. God has made us all unique. Whatever you don’t know, or don’t like about you, is good in Gods eyes.

Start seeing the negative as a positive.

Love yourself. Nobody else can do this for you. This is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! The journey begins Another Beauty Queen. The name was given to me by my friend Hollie, She calls me “Another Beauty Queen”. I stop in my tracks, I’d never heard a more accurate statement. Were all beauty queens. I’m Stephanie founder of Another Beauty Queen. My goal is to help women find themselves, love themselves, receive love, and give love. Love is the goal. Our blog is real, there’s nothing fake here (besides the hair, boobs, and butt). Real stories, to really help you. If you need 1 on 1 coaching let me know. xoxo Stephanie

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Femininity my greatest gift to me

Being a feminine woman has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.

It allows me to be me.

I can strive or not strive. Mostly I choose to be creative make videos write music Go thrift shopping and make YouTube videos.

I don’t base my life on accomplishments.

Instead I’m just me mostly with a pleasant attitude.

I am healing from pain I sleep a lot.

I smile a lot. I love being feminine.