What is peace?

Life is great when your on top not because of money but because of true happiness. The kind of happiness that comes from within true self love that makes everything about you sparkle. 

My life changed when a friend told me to look in the mirror. All of your answers are in the mirror. Look in the mirror and get to know the person looking at you. Then speak to that person whatever it is you need want or desire give it to that person in the mirror. I desperately needed confidence so I let her know that she was worth it beautiful inside and out kind loving and genuine. Then on other days I’d just give her a hug or tell her I love her. I became my own beat friend and it changed my world. I started going places I’d never been I’m just learning how much I love the museum. Self love is the best love. It’s the gateway to peace. Conquer yourself and you’ll conquer the world. If you can learn to love your self then you can accept and give love. 

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