Nice people finish 1st.

Are you a nice person ? Would you like to be one? Here’s why nice people finish first.

1. They are always kind.
They kinda put other people’s needs ahead of them selves so they are always thinking of other peoples feelings and how they can make their days brighter and happier.

2. Nice people are happy people.
They don’t start trouble they don’t hate they let be. When you are nice you’re happy with life and the people surrounding you in your journey you’re basically surround yourself with greatness so you’re happy with the company you keep.

3. They give.
Nice people don’t bite their tongue they are truth tellers they admit they’re cute and their innocence they never let a moment pass unless they want to they are self-seeking and give freely.

4. They are originals.
Absolutely no copies here masterpieces only fine art museum gallery nice people Are 1 of a kind. They never try to be something or somebody else although flattering is Harley look down upon nice people are themselves at all times no matter how hard it may be to be you nice people Are always them.
go ahead and be nice.



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