Cocoa Nut Oil

Coconut oil

Cocoa nut oil is amazing! I have natural hair and dry skin. My hair gets quite tangly and hard to comb. My skin is very dry with eczema. I hard scratched sores into my skin, but it seems I have found the remedy.

Theres a 2 part step I do to manage my natural thick hair and dry eczema skin.

Step 1: Wash, condition and blow dry natural thick hair. Start with clean skin and hair.

Step 2: Keep blow dried hair /skin saturated with Cocoa nut oil.

Saturate the hair so much that you have oil left over to rub into your skin. Face neck arms and legs. Rub the cocoa nut oil all over to melt into your skin.

It should take 10-20 minutes to rub the cocoa nut oil fully into the skin.

If you have thick natural hair on your head. The same hair is all over your body. Use the natural cocoa nut oil to seep into your skin and provide you all over moisture.

How did I find coconut oil remedy?

To solve my dryness hair, skin, and nail problems.

My scalp would become very dry. Itching and I would stratch my scalp so hard I was afraid of bleeding and having head sores.

I have dry skin all over my body with eczema. I would use over the counter hydrocortisone creams to heal my itchy areas.

Then I had to idea to pour oil into my scalp. Cocoa nut oil was the only oil I loved to smell. It immediately made my head feel good. I poured on so much oil that I had a lot left over, so I started to rub it into my skin. I began to notice that areas of skin on my body that felt dry felt instantly better.

I rubbed cocoa nut oil everywhere, since I have also had eczema it relieved my skin to make it heal. Rather than use hycortisone cream which always made my skin wet and itchier.