A Phenomenal Woman.

Phenomenal Woman

Ive been missing in action for a few months, I got burned out on working so much and pretty much moved my store into my garage. The kids are out of school so Ive been doing nothing but sleeping, ALL DAY. Ive been thinking about my life and my goals. And I realized I didn’t have any life goals. So I set out to figure out what I wanted to be. And I realized it.

A Phenomenal Woman. Yes my goal is to be a great phenomenal woman.

The kind of woman that can speak in a whisper.

She dresses modestly and is still beautiful.

She works and earn her own money, Yet is still led by her man.

She loves her family, she cooks and cleans for them without complaint.

A woman with confidence and courage.

A woman who can be in her on skin, without worry.

A woman who knows past pain, but always clings to the future.

A phenomenal woman.

Beauty is only skin deep. Most phenomenal women are beautiful not because of their outside but because of the inside. My goal is to be a phenomenal woman.