Black Castor Oil

Black castor oil is thick and oily. I like to massage my scalp daily, and after I ran out of my usual cocoa nut oil I decide to give it a try. I didn’t really like it at first because the oil was too thick but I soon realized that black castor oil is a good oil for natural thick hair.

The black castor oil coats the thick unmanageable hair and makes it silky to the touch. My hair is always blowdried straight then I use oil to saturate each strand and tame my wild natural hair. I found that because of the oil thickness I didn’t have to use as much of it. In fact a little went a very long way.

I bought this black castor oil from Walmart, and I have used the entire bottle on my thick hair and eyebrows. I would get my eyebrows threaded, and they were so thin Now they have fully grown back in.

I use natural oils to saturate my scalp then rub in the oil all over my body, hair skin and nails. The black castor oil is a thick oil so I found it hard to massage into my skin. Its perfect for my scalp massages. I might even do some hot oil treatments with it in the future.

Overall I prefer cocoa nut oil for my skin, and black castor oil and cocoa nut oil for taming my naturally thick hair.