In quarantine but feeling great 🤭

I can go places to eat. Not spending much money otherwise thank gos it’s pretty bad. All stores are closed only take out and delivery food. My washing machine went out and we cannot buy a new one. I admit I’m waiting on a stimulus check. I have Been spending so much money with the kids eating 8500 times a day. But we’re together. Thank god. Truck drivers doctors nurses and supermarket workers turned out to be the only people needed in the old world. Now we’re shunned upon for not wearing masks in public. This is the online interface we have with each other online. And at home. I miss my old life and the new one is fun too. I never knew how much sleep I’d been missing until now. There’s no way I’m agreeing to be a adult again.

Femininity my greatest gift to me

Being a feminine woman has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.

It allows me to be me.

I can strive or not strive. Mostly I choose to be creative make videos write music Go thrift shopping and make YouTube videos.

I don’t base my life on accomplishments.

Instead I’m just me mostly with a pleasant attitude.

I am healing from pain I sleep a lot.

I smile a lot. I love being feminine.

A Siren Is A Gift

The Siren Rules


Ladies, a Siren is a gift.

This is true in the greater, philosophical sense. And also in the practical, moment-to-moment-in-a-relationship sense.

In the big picture, a Siren is a gift in that she is what all men yearn for in their deepest desires. After all, every man has searched for a worthy woman to devote himself to, and to be blissfully inside of, ever since he emerged from the womb and grew old enough to understand he could not be with his mother forever. He is the knight seeking the princess. The hero searching for the damsel to rescue. Not because the princess or the damsel need him, but because he needs them – because without a woman to provide for, take care of, adore, love and please, a man will forever feel incomplete and useless, no matter his other achievements. A Siren is a gift to a man also…

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I’m on vacation!

Just what the doctor ordered

I’m in vacation

Being making money

Now big trips I’m taking

Cabin in woods I’m stayin

Kickb my homies who makin 


no time get hungry

Biscuit and honey

Add cheese 

I’m greedy dummy

I’m in da woods on vacation

God told me be patient

Now look where girl is staying

I’m on vacation

Shopping trips straight to Vegas

Cabin in da woods I’m staying 

Birds be chirping 

Go crazy

Bears and wolves 

Be brave

Got me all nerves

Bae ca me!!!!!!

Look in woods

I’m up to no good

Chasing dollars like I should

I’m in da woods 

Plus smokin real good

Babe got me spoil

Like a real nigga would

I’m on vacation 

God said be patient

got A balcony no fakin

Big log house no basement 

I’m on vacation 

No time be wasting

Worked all summer 

My back was breaking

Straight heartaching

Now I’m in da woods on vacation